What Is a Lace Frontal Wig?

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Human hair lace front wigs are wigs that have a small sheer lace panel along the front hairline attached to the front of the wig. The hair strands are hand sewn in to the holes of the lace. ... Wearing lace front wigs is very simple because they are stretchy and cover the entire scalp area with a natural looking hair style. 

Lace front wigs are ideal and extremely popular because it will appear as if you have a natural hairline in front, even if you are wearing a front lace wig.

About the product

This item is 13x4 inch virgin human hair full lace frontal closure free part with baby hair bleached knots natural color.

Our lace frontal closures are 100% handtied made with single knots and very lightly bleached knots to make as natural as possible. Lightly bleached knots is to make sure the lace frontal lasting as long as possible with reasonable lifespan.

Density: 120%-130% Density.

Parting Style: Free part, middle part .

Attribute: Soft, Tangle free, No Shedding to minimal shedding, No smell, long lifespan. 

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Cheap and affordable price:Much cheaper price than the full lace wig.

Authentic Look: lace wigs give a natural look- due to the lace hairline.

Quick Results:If you are forever changing up your hairstyle or color, then having full lace wigs gives you the option of quickly changing your hairstyle.

Easy to Take On & Off:You can take glue-less full lace wigs on and off, and no tape or adhesive is needed.


Be short of flexibility:A lace front wig cannot be parted anywhere, so, it’s not convenient if you would like a twist out.

Slippage:Wearing a full lace wig that is not secure with adhesive or tape, may slip back or off your head- and no one wants that humiliation!

Damage to Hairline & Scalp:The most important thing to know about full lace wigs when using adhesive or glue is that it causes damage to the scalp and hairlilne if not maintained properly.  

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