Who Wears Hair Weaves?

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Lady GagaEveryone. Everywhere. From the supermarket to the runway, tons of ladies are rocking long, short, braided, multi-hued wavy, kinky and straight --  yes say it loud and say it proud! WEAVES!

It used to be a dirty little secret. But now hair weaves are mainstream and displayed proudly by ordinary and extraordinary women from the classroom to the boardroom to the runway.

Whereas five or 10 years ago a woman with a fresh new weave might have played the look down, modestly admitting (HA!) her hair simply grew very quickly—or her recent diet change was great for hair growth today— today  celebrities and everyday folk treat wigs and hair extensions more like an accessory to change up their look. Rather than deny, they flaunt the new look.

Celebrities have given weaves a status and a trendy thumbs-up. Weaves became mainstream when celeb unabashedly rocked short hair on Tuesday and flowing locks on Friday.

At the Oscars and Grammy's we saw hair piled high, intricate braids and silky smooth and lustrous locks. No one was trying to fool no one.

And while natural colors lead the trend pack, fanciful and vivid hues from purple to green can adorn any willing head, without as much as a third look. Could we be going mainstream?

Hair color to match the outfit?

Why not?

And while natural colors lead the trend pack, fanciful and vivid hues from purple to green can adorn any willing head, without as much as a third look from passers-by.

The sales of hair extensions have skyrocketed, due to this new social acceptance In the U.S., sales of wigs and hair pieces were up almost 6 percent per year on average between 2011 and 2016, according to market researcher IBISWorld.

The interest in imitating a “celebrity” look continues unabated. Social media has enabled newly minted style “influencers” to reach the general public in ways never before imagined. This has contributed mightily to acceptance of the trend. Instagram postings of style influences will show them considering their choice of hair color as casually as their predecessors chose their hats. And show up in a pink pixy do, and the salon report immediate increase in requests for that short pink look.

BeyonceOf course, the one person most credited for bringing the look to the masses is undeniably megastar, Beyoncé. In addition to her music and onstage performances, she inspired millions of women through beauty and aesthetics. Her proud hair style choices signal to all women that when it comes to black women’s hair, all is grand. And that included wigs, kinky-curly weaves, straight and floor-length hair that came in honey brown, platinum, and blonde.

According to an article by Khalea Underwood  in Vogue, arguably the top magazine of high style,  “Everyone knows that Beyoncé is known to rock (and snatch) a good wig.”

Beyoncé's influence crosses racial lines, as women of all ethnicities join the extended hair parade. Check out the most admired hairstyles at the Grammys and the Oscars this year. To a person, all are featuring extensions of all kinds and no one is whispering.

An extra nice aspect about this trend touches  women who have used wigs and extensions for medical reasons. Now they can claim to be the front runners in this  fun trend. All women, for whatever the reason, can now sport the serious, yet playful accessory.

That’s cause to celebrate.

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